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Patriots Fans React to Bill Belichick Being Left Out of Promo Video



New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick takes questions during a news conference in Houston, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2004. The Patroits will face the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII, on Sunday, Feb. 1, in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Following a tumultuous 4-13 season, the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick “parted ways” after 24 years. It was an incredible run, which saw the Patriots bring home nine AFC Championships and win six Super Bowls. For context, New England had won two AFC titles and no Lombardi Trophies in their 40-year existence before hiring Belichick as head coach in 2000.

Both parties claimed the divorce was both mutual and amicable. However, a post from the New England Patriots X account Wednesday painted a different picture, and New England Patriots fans were not pleased.

There is an upcoming podcast to celebrate the 2003 Patriots winning the franchise’s second Super Bowl in three years. It is called 2003: The Super Sequel Podcast and will debut on Jan. 29, 2024. The highlight compilation that accompanied the announcement featured just about every notable figure related to the championship season. One person not seen in the 80-second clip however was the team’s head coach. Bill Belichick was nowhere to be found.

Responses to the Patriots Post

New England Patriots fans noted the omission of Bill Belichick and were not pleased. The Patriots 300 Level Podcast was one of many who noticed the absence, asking: “Not a single clip of the Head Coach of the team?”

This seniment was echoed often, including by Julie. “No Belichick? Are you seriously kidding me right now?”

The Other Bill did a little edit to the post for the New England Patriots, adding:

“And thanks, Coach Belichick*

*who is conspicuously absent in any clips”

And Mike Abbott was among the many who were less diplomatic with their feelings.

“Wow you guys are disgraceful with no even a single shot of Bill. The (clown) show has begun and is full effect. The franchise is doomed for years to come…unless there’s new ownership.”

There was a plethora of other responses which were not appropriate for publication. The common thread was that the Bill Belichick missing from the video did not go unnoticed and people were not pleased. Blame was aimed at the organization, the Kraft family, and anyone else who may have had a hand posting that.

Lesson Learned?

Whoever is responsible for the video is not known. Specifically, whoever is responsible for the head coach not being included. However, whether this omission came at the direction of the CEO or was the work of a college intern, it is a terrible look. Robert Kraft tried to give the impression of things being cordial in the breakup with Bill Belichick. This post gave fans the impression that was not the case.

The New England Patriots snubbed Bill Belichick in this video clip. This was not well received, whether intentional or not. It should serve as a warning to the organization. They have opted not to have Belichick be a part of the current franchise, but they should not attempt to remove him from the past.