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Tom Brady Honored at Halftime



New England Patriots honor Tom Brady, shown with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, at halftime of their Week 1 game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The New England Patriots honored Tom Brady at halftime of their game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The ceremony was known in advance, but specifics were not. The Foxboro faithful went wild for the legendary quarterback, who donned his old #12 once more.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft declared that of the thousands of players to play in the NFL, Brady is the greatest of them all. There was speculation on how Kraft would honor Brady, from a statue, to retiring his number, to renaming streets in his honor. Stating the obvious, Kraft  immediately declared that Tom Brady deserved more than a halftime ceremony.

Ultimately Kraft announced the franchise would waive the waiting period for Brady to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. The ceremony will be held in Gillette Stadium, for the first time, scheduled to take place on June 12, 2024. The date (6/12) was chosen to pay homage to the number of Super Bowls Brady won with the Patriots (6) and his jersey number (12).

Kraft said this was a chance for Patriots fans to give Brady a proper thank you. It was also a chance for Kraft to remind people that Tom Brady, despite finishing his career in Tampa Bay, should always be remembered as a member of the New England Patriots. Brady drove this point home, stating “I am a Patriot for life” to a raucous response from the crowd.

This mini celebration to honor Tom Brady gave everyone what they wanted for now. Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots franchise got to remind people that the GOAT was one of their own. Tom Brady got to show his love for New England and the Patriots franchise. Fans got to celebrate the legendary QB who helped make the Patriots an elite franchise for two decades.

And everyone gets to put another celebration in nine months on their calendars.

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