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Kyle Brandt Compares Jerod Mayo to Bill Belichick



NFL Network's Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt discusses the NFL coaches photo of New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo

Jerod Mayo attended his first Annual League Meeting as an NFL head coach this year. This meant heading down to Orlando, meeting with the media, and posing with the other head coaches in their annual group photo. While standing for a photo would seem to be the easiest portion of Mayo’s trip, it may have been the most heavily scrutinized. At least from one corner.

On NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt broke down the winners and losers from the photo. While several coaches received praise, Jerod Mayo was not among them.

“I know he’s not carving his own niche and it’s not (Bill) Belichick,” Brandt began. “In the fashion sense, it’s Belichick.”

Kyle Brandt then approached the screen with a pointer, focusing in on specific issues he had with Mayo’s performance.

“As a first-time head coach, to come out entirely collarless, and short sleeves. I mean this is the kind of shirt. heavy shoulder wrinkles…who gets wrinkles on the shoulders?” asked Brandt. “This is the kind of shirt, like you smell it before you put it on. And you make sure, there might be stains on it, the stains might even be mayo stains, I don’t know.

“But Coach Mayo, I like the look (facial expression) right next to meditative-state (Robert) Salah and Zac Taylor, who people still don’t recognize even though he coached a Super Bowl.”

Kyle Brandt concluded, “The shirt is tough. I mean if he had cut these off (pointing to the sleeves) they would be even more Belichick. He’s gonna forge his own identity. That wardrobe ain’t happening.”

The New England Patriots will not worry too much about Jerod Mayo emulating Bill Belichick’s fashion sense if he can produce similar success for the franchise.

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