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Bill Belichick Is Writing a Book, What Will It Be About?



New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is reportedly writing a book. The New England Patriots former head coach finds himself unemployed by an NFL team for the first season in 50 years. Andrew Marchand of The Athletic reports Belichick will spend some of that time penning a book. A publisher has not to be determined. What will Belichick’s book be about?

The contents remain unknown for now as well. Bill Belichick may write a manual on the intricacies of the game of football. He has been known to wax poetic on aspects of the game like long snapping. He could release the football equivalent of Ted Williams’ The Science of Hitting. However, based on the timing of the announcement, something closer to a tell-all book is anticipated.

The Dynasty

Apple TV’s “The Dynasty” series just aired and Bill Belichick was not painted in a pretty light. Patriots owner Robert Kraft referred to his head coach as “a pain in the tush” during one of the episodes. Former players had unflattering comments aired, including his alleged preferential treatment of Aaron Hernandez. Many viewers were left with the impression that Bill Belichick became the winningest coach in Super Bowl history despite Bill Belichick.

During the series, Belichick pointed no fingers. He did not disclose any personal conversations, which were likely assumed to have been private. He did not focus on the negative, even when prompted by series director Matthew Hamachek to do so. Many others cannot say the same.

It is possible that Belichick watched the series at home and was not pleased with his portrayal? Was he unhappy, perhaps even hurt, with what others had to say about him? Could this have prompted the idea to write a book? If so, the book is likely to sell incredibly well.

Bill Belichick was the head coach of the New England Patriots for 24 years. He led the most successful run in professional football history. Members of the franchise he helped bring to prominence threw him under the bus. They repeatedly ran over him. Now it appears Bill Belichick will enjoy the last word.

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