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Need More Ernie Adams? Julian Edelman Took Care of It



Ernie Adams on Games with Names podcast with Julian Edelman. Photo courtesy of Games with Names podcast.

The Apple TV series “The Dynasty” by many in Patriots Nation. Many fans felt it focused far too much on the negative instead of the New England Patriots’ success. Former players chimed in with similar feelings. But one thing about the series that seemed universally agreed upon was the performance of Ernie Adams.

Adams was the man behind the scenes in New England for years. The public rarely heard anything from him. But in “The Dynasty” Ernie Adams speaking was a consistent highlight. Patriots Football Now named Ernie Adams the series MVP (most valuable performer). It left many people wanting more. And just as he did in many big games for New England, Patriots legend Julian Edelman came to the rescue.

Edelman is the host of the Games with Names podcast, which debuted in August of 2022. Each episode features Edelman talking with a guest (or guests). They then discuss a sports game/event. New England Patriots guests have included Tedy Bruschi, Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, and Matthew Slater. He’s also had Boston sports legends on like Paul Pierce, David Ortiz, and Zdeno Chara. There have also been fighters, wrestlers, comedians, and non-Boston athletes. That elite list of guests now includes Ernie Adams.

Ernie Adams on Games with Names

Adams was incredibly entertaining as a guest on the podcast. Julian Edelman has a great fondness for Adams, which was evident throughout. It was a mutual appreciation. Adams discussed his friendship, with Bill Belichick, which dates back to high school in 1975, their first meeting, and their mutual love of football.

Topics ranged from favorite books, scouting Boston University football practices, Bucko Kilroy, analytics, the Patriot Way, and the franchise’s struggles in recent years.

“You’re not going to win just cause you show up and say, ‘Hey we’re the Patriots look at our scrapbook.’ That doesn’t happen.”

Super Bowl 36

Ernie Adams chose Super Bowl 36 as his game to discuss. He would not classify it as the greatest game in NFL history but did say it was his favorite. The majority of New England Patriots fans who lived through it (including this scribe) would agree. Spoiler alert: The Patriots beat the heavily favored St. Louis Rams for the first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Adams discussed the game plan, Tom Brady starting instead of Drew Bledsoe, and some big plays and decisions from the game. This included ignoring John Madden’s advice and driving for a game-winning field goal attempt at the end of regulation. Ernie Adams and Julian Edelman discussing it trumps anything that can be written here. While “The Dynasty” scored a cumulative 62 out of 100 here, this Games with Names episode gets close to a perfect score. To watch the full episode, click the video link below.

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