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Patriots Daily: Love for Lewiston



Kennedy Park in Lewiston, Maine

Patriots Football Weekly is a website dedicated to covering the New England Patriots football team and related topics. At no point while I am writing for PFN will any attempts be made to become political. There are far more qualified people to get “real life” news or words of wisdom from.

However, with the deadly shootings that occurred last night in Lewiston, Maine, it would be ridiculous not to pause for a moment and send some love to the wonderful people in Central Maine and beyond who are suffering. Tragedies such as this reinforce how silly our daily concerns can sometimes be. Sports are entertainment and a mere distraction, hopefully a fun one, from the very real obstacles folks face every day. So, while there are no magic words to heal the situation from here, there was no way to dive headfirst into football talk without acknowledging the brutality that just occurred right here in New England.

Today, and for countless days to come, the victims of that horrible incident are first and foremost here.

But since this football writer is paid to write about football, I will continue to do so. Hopefully it can serve as one of those nice distractions from whatever people are dealing with, as I hope is the case every day.

So, as far as football is concerned:

The New England Patriots returned to practice Wednesday. The good news was that only one player did not participate. Rookie defensive end Keion White, who suffered a concussion in the Raiders game, was listed as DNP. White missed the victory over the Bills and remains in concussion protocol. As with any concussion, putting a timeline on anything is mere guesswork until he is able to join, even as a limited participant, in team activities.

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New England Patriots

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Fun Fact of the Day

NFL teams winning the turnover battle are much more likely to succeed, but not always. Three times in NFL history a team has had a turnover margin of +7 but still lost the game:

Oct. 15, 1961 – San Francisco 49ers 38, Minnesota Vikings 24
Sept. 24, 1967 – Green Bay Packers 13, Chicago Bears 10
Oct. 30, 1983 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12

Tweet of the Day

Today’s PFN Tweet of the Day comes from New England Patriots official account (@Patriots) with players discussing the best basketball team on the Patriots, in advance of the Boston Celtics opener last night…

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