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Pat McAfee Puts Robert Kraft in an Awkward Spot



New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick

Saturday’s annual Army-Navy game took place at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. ESPN sent their College GameDay crew to cover the game, reporting live pregame. Among their guests was Patriots Chairman/CEO Robert Kraft. Pat McAfee was one of the GameDay analysts. McAfee made comments to the Patriots owner that created an awkward atmosphere on set. His comments left people reading quite a bit into what was said, and how it was reacted to, as well.

McAfee was sitting next to Kraft on the panel. As Kraft’s segment was winding down, McAfee made his statement to the Patriots boss. First, Robert Kraft replied to a comment, by McAfee, saying the greatest dynasty in the history of professional sports was in the building that Kraft owned.

“We like to win. So, we want to do everything we can to get our team back so we can be winning.”

“I don’t envy your position, what’s about to happen. We all know. We don’t have to ask.”

What Did Pat McAfee Mean?

Speculation was that McAfee was referring to the dismissal of longtime Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. For his part, Robert Kraft had virtually no response at all. He did not change expressions or reply. After McAfee finished speaking, host Chris Fowler wrapped up the segment. Kraft shook hands with those around him and that was the end of it.

Pat McAfee believes Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots will be parting ways with Belichick after the season. Bill Belichick appeared in a separate segment on the show, sitting next to McAfee. The GameDay analyst did not bring up anything about job security with Belichick on the panel. The Patriots coach donned a 1962 Navy helmet as he made his prediction for the game. Everybody had a good time.

Robert Kraft having a good time is not something that can be said about his segment. Based on the celebratory atmosphere, and the Army-Navy tradition, it did not seem like the time or place to put the game’s host in such an awkward situation. Clearly Pat McAfee was comfortable making Kraft, and many others, uncomfortable. If the former punter knows something, he has ample opportunity to break the story on The Pat McAfee Show. His actions came across as the latest in a line of  ESPN attempting to embarrass the Patriots franchise.

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