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Patriots Quote Room: “This Feels a Lot Better”



New England Patriots Mac Jones and Jabrill Peppers

Yesterday the New England Patriots got to enjoy a win over a division rival. Their comeback 29-25 win over the Buffalo Bills made improved the team’s record to 2-5 on the season. Two wins will not having people thinking about the playoffs but it did improve the mood of the players and coaches after the game.

Here’s what was said…

Bill Belichick

“Good team victory, had a lot of contributions from all three units: offensive, defense, special teams. A lot of good football.”

“Pep (Jabrill Peppers) has had a good year. Very explosive player, hard tackler. Big, big play on the interception. That was nice. We got hit on that play against them last year, worked on it practice. He played it well. Did a nice job go up, high point the ball.”

“We played good today. There’s still room for improvement. We’ll see how it goes next time we play them.”

“It’s great (winning 300 games). I’m really more focused on our team and this year. Worry about that later.”

“I have confidence in all our players that’s why we put them out there. If I didn’t have confidence in them we wouldn’t put them out there.”

“Big thing for all of us is just, obviously offensively, ball security. From every person on the team. So, quarterback, receivers, running backs, tight ends; everybody that handles the ball. So if we can just take care of the ball that will help us a lot, so that’s the number one thing for everybody.”

“I never talk about my contract. Focus on the game, focus on Buffalo. Now we’ll focus on Miami.”

Mac Jones

“For me it’s all about the team. You think about whether it’s a good punt that Bryce (Baringer) had to put them down there, whatever, and that’s something I always look at. Special teams, defensive, interception early. That’s amazing, right? We start the game like that. It’s brings the energy, all that stuff.”

“The offensive line’s play today is what really stood out to me. They made everything work. Run game, passing game.”

“I’ll always believe in myself. I have a lot of confidence in myself. I’m not going to sit up here and say it every time, but I do believe in myself.”

“Half of it is belief and the other half is execution.”

Rhamondre Stevenson

“It’s great being in front of our home crowd. We’ve been disappointing a lot this season. So just to come out here and get a victory at home is big.”

“The o-line they played great today. They let me and Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott) get into the defense a little bit, so that’s always a good thing. They did great on their double teams.”

“Getting back on track, gaining some more confidence. Beating a good Bills team at home. It’s builds confidence and we just got to keep it going.”

Mike Gesicki

“Once the ball was on the one-yard line and Coach O’Brien called that specific personnel to get me on the field, I kind of had a feeling he was putting me out there for a reason and I was going to have a chance to make a play to ultimately win the game.”

“I don’t think a lot of the talk and stuff that happens with him (Mac Jones) is fair. And I think he’s done an unbelievable job blocking that out, and I think he’s done an unbelievable job leading us through all of that adversity.”

“He (Mac Jones) just did a great job in crunch time. In the biggest moments of the game when our best was needed, he delivered.”

“I think he (Pharaoh Brown) has like five catches for like 1,000 yards.”

“I got in the huddle and I was like ‘hey Mac, it’s National Tight Ends Day, throw me the ball, and he was like okay, cool.’ No, that actually didn’t happen but I do appreciate him throwing me the ball.”

“It was cool to be able and make that play. And then do the world’s fastest and most embarrassing griddy.”

David Andrews

On facing the media after the win: “Golly, this feels a lot better.”

“Margin of error in the NFL is very small. Every play matters.”

“Sitting outside, having a beer is going to feel real good. You play to win the games and I’ve had a lot of success in my career and I think you try not to take for granted winning football games in the NFL. It’s a hard thing.”

“Mac (Jones) did a great job today. Making the right decisions all day. And then obviously big drive at the end. Playing his best football when it mattered and that’s what we need.”

On Jabrill Peppers: “Little bit of a psychopath. I mean he just screams a lot. He’s from Jersey. I don’t understand half the stuff he says, he’s just screaming.”

“(Pepper’s) been a great addition to our locker room. He plays the game the right way. He plays it tough, plays it physical. Appreciate having a guy like him in our locker room.”

Deatrich Wise, Jr.

“This is one of those wonderful feelings because you put in a lot of hard work during the week.”

“(Mac Jones) showed a lot of poise. During this game he showed a lot of finish. He always has the passion and the drive, but he executed plays well this game. He did a wonderful job from start to finish.”

“This season we’ve seen him (Mac Jones) take on a lot. He’s always put the blame on himself. He’s always been the one to take ownership of things that weren’t even his fault.”

“We had a great week at practice. We had confidence.”

Jabrill Peppers

“It’s always good to start fast. You have to have a good start in this league.”

“I try to be a spark plug in any way possible. I was happy I could get the team going a little bit.”

“We work hard. But working hard doesn’t guarantee you anything, it just gives you a chance.”

“You got to be a little off to play football anyway, in a good way. I just try to be as crazy, energetic as I can. And it’s not that I’m a psychopath, I’m just more willing to run into another grown man at full speed than a lot of guys are.”

On playing for Bill Belichick: “Probably the best to do it. Knowledgeable; 49, 50 years in the NFL. He knows how to win. He coaches the right way, he pushes the right buttons to get guys going. And we’re going to continuously play hard for him.”

“We don’t really listen to the outside noise. We know we got everything we need in the locker room. It’s just going on there and executing.”