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Report: Belichick Signed Lucrative Multi-Year Deal



New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots heading for a breakup just became less likely. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Belichick “in the offseason, quietly agreed to terms on a lucrative multi-year new contract.”

New England is off to their worst start since Belichick became head coach back in 2000. The Patriots currently sit at 1-5 and things aren’t getting easier. Their schedule is difficult, with the Buffalo Bills later today and the Miami Dolphins next week.They also have been dealing with a surplus of injuries to key players.

Due to the struggles of the post-Brady Patriots, talk about Bill Belichick’s exit has become commonplace. Will Bill Belichick be coaching the New England Patriots next season? Patriots Football Now has reported on this topic numerous times in recent weeks. The opinion here has been that reports of Belichick’s imminent departure have been greatly exaggerated. A report of a “lucrative multi-year new contract” seems to support that.

After an 0-2 start there was already talk on Boston sports radio that Belichick should be fired. As the losses piled up, so too did the chatter. Last Sunday former Patriots star Tedy Bruschi said he hoped his old coach walked away after the season. A new contract makes that happening seem unlikely.

Terms Still Unknown

It is unclear if the extension means Belichick will remain as head coach of the New England Patriots. It is possibly it just locks him to the franchise. He has served as both head coach and head of football operations. Without knowing the details of the new deal it is impossible to say which role Belichick is planning to have. When Jerod Mayo refused interviews for NFL head coaching openings, there was speculation he had been promised the “coach in waiting” position. But it is also possible the extension takes Belichick to the end of his head coaching career.

Either way, it appears the news that Bill Belichick has a lucrative contract extension with the New England Patriots can shift the conversations around the team. The franchise doesn’t need to figure out how to move on from Belichick, they need to turn it around with him.

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