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Tom Brady Teases New York Jets Fans



Tom Brady has already come out of retirement once. It appears that as long as the greatest quarterback in NFL history is upright, rumors will swirl about him doing so again. This time the discussion centered around Brady coming out of retirement to replace the injured Aaron Rodgers on the New York Jets.

Jim Gray asked Brady about this possibility on the podcast Let’s Go!, which they co-host with NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald.

“Next question,” Brady replied. Gray asked if that was all, to which Brady added, “you already know. I love being with you guys on Mondays and I love what we got going.”

In the minds of those who want to see Tom Brady suit up again, this was not a denial. He never actually said no. Even the Today show chimed in on the response, noting that Brady playing for the Jets would be the biggest storyline of the NFL season.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky claimed the New York Jets would have won the Super Bowl this season with Aaron Rodgers. The Jets winning the Super Bowl would have been a bold prediction by Orlovsky before Rodgers was injured; after the injury his hypothetical championship can obviously not be disproven. The Jets last won the Super Bowl in the 1968 NFL season, 55 years ago. Tom Brady was not yet born, and Bill Belichick was still several years away from working in the NFL.

Unfortunately for New York Jets fans, Tom Brady is not coming out of retirement to be their savior. After proclaiming himself a “Patriot for life” at a halftime ceremony of the Patriots season opener, Brady is not going to join the Jets. This discussion serves as nothing more than Tom Brady remaining in the news, and a possible distraction to New York QB Zach Wilson.

Even after leaving in free agency, Tom Brady is adored in New England, and deservedly so. But seeing Brady wear a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform is different than donning the green of the New York Jets. It would simply be unacceptable.

During the Bill Belichick Era in New England, the Jets are likely the Patriots most hated rivals. From Belichick’s resignation as “HC of the NYJ” to Eric Mangini and Spygate to Rex Ryan, there has been bad blood between the two organizations for quite some time. Tom Brady is too smart to cross that line.

It is nice of Tom Brady to become a talking point for New York Jets fans and media leading up to an important game for the New England Patriots. If Zach Wilson struggles on Sunday, Jets fans might start chanting for the man they rooted against for two decades. Brady never quite said that he would not be coming out of retirement to play for the Jets, but to be clear, there is no chance that he will.

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